A disgusting combination of hatred, bigotry, and religious persecution has our society in shambles. Your ideas, your visions…yea, they don’t matter! All that matters is the color of your skin or your religious belief.  – Oh! And let’s not forget… Money!


Adino is a nickname given to the chief of King David’s Mighty Men and army.  (2 Samuel 23:8)  He once killed eight-hundred men single handedly, a real-life superman.  Only with Gods intervention can a human accomplish such a feat.  We will show you how our comic book hero obtained similar abilities in this exciting epic adventure. 

Kayko Adino Warrior of Faith series is set in the near future 2029.  The world is quickly eroding from religion to climate change.  Every aspect of human existence is in flux and most don’t know why, but an unseen force has infiltrated the world markets and major industries poisoning the minds and hearts of the people with greed and self-indulgence. Persuading masses through antichristian philosophies, promising prosperity at the expense of others who do not look and believe as them.  True believers realize that the governments won’t protect them and band together to form Christian Communities all over America and the World.  And with the intent to sniff out and destroy the only light in the world, this dark force summons a weapon from another dimension and like a guided missile, it strikes targets with surgical precision.

The world needs Jesus but until hearts turn there is, The Warrior of Faith.

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